🌍 Welcome to Sarandë, the southernmost tip of Albania, set against the gorgeous Ionian Sea! In this episode of Designing Your Travels, we’re your guide to this unbelievable Albanian city! 🏰🌊

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In this video, we’ll explore:

00:28 🏰 How to discover Sarandë’s ancient history and Mediterranean charm. Explore the city center’s markets and traditional architecture, blending Ottoman and Italian influences.
00:46 ⛰️ Don’t miss Lëkurësi Castle, offering spectacular views of Sarandë and Corfu. Capture the moment with stunning photos!
01:04 🏖️ Sarandë’s vibrant city beach is perfect for lounging, swimming, and dining at beachside cafes. Indulge in fresh local seafood. Find tranquility at Pulebardha and Mirror Beach.
01:53 🍽️ Delve into Albanian cuisine with warm byrek pastries and try Tavë Kosi, a traditional Albanian dish. Don’t miss the freshest seafood and raki, the national spirit of Albania.
02:44 🌃 Sarandë comes alive at night. Enjoy chilled-out cocktail bars, energetic nightclubs, or venues with live music.
03:21 ⛰️ Visit Butrint National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and explore ancient ruins. Experience the stunning Ksamil Islands.
04:05 🏨 Stay in luxury at Santa Quaranta Premium Resort, boutique charm at Demi Hotel, or budget-friendly at Hasta La Vista Hostel.

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Whether you’re seeking a relaxing seaside holiday, a cultural exploration, or an adventurous getaway, Sarandë is waiting to welcome you with open arms! 🇦🇱

🔗 Useful links:
🛎 Santa Quaranta Premium Resort – https://agoda.tp.st/LBQLJ1bQ
🏨 Demi Hotel – https://agoda.tp.st/x5RA2xoQ
🛎 Hasta La Vista Hostel – https://agoda.tp.st/bzzU1wCN

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Saranda Travel Guide – What You Can’t Miss! 🇦🇱😍🏝
Saranda Travel Guide – What You Can’t Miss! 🇦🇱😍🏝
Saranda Travel Guide – What You Can’t Miss! 🇦🇱😍🏝